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Why Inbound Marketing and Growth-Driven Design?

Published on Jan 10, 2018 4:59:00 PM by Nextiny Marketing

A mix of inbound marketing and growth driven design (GDD) has proven to be a recipe for successful web development. Inbound marketing consists of all the elements it takes to attract followers to your website while GDD deals with the mechanics that make a loyal audience possible. Here are the main factors that make inbound marketing and GDD a strong strategy for your website to attract your ideal customers. 

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Tackle the Sales Funnel Head On with an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Published on Dec 13, 2017 11:00:00 AM by Nextiny Marketing

Inbound marketers have a lot of unique opportunities when it comes to guiding individuals through the sales funnel. Different levels of interaction and different types of content offers can be made available to potential customers in order to help them flow through the sales funnel. Ultimately, the sales funnel is a process of curation: the right visitors to your website will become leads, the right leads will convert to prospects, and the right prospects will go on to complete a purchase.

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How to Use Seventh Sense to Optimize Marketing and Sales Email Efforts [VIDEO]

Published on Sep 22, 2017 1:00:00 PM by Nextiny Marketing

In this week’s soapbox weekly hack, Gabriel is going to show you a software tool that we use to optimize our email efforts, for marketing and sales purposes. Seventh Sense is an AI software that gathers email data to help you see optimal delivery time of your email recipients. This tool not only collects the standard open and click-through rates, but it also tracks user behavior. With personalized reports on your contacts email activity, you can deliver your messages at a time that best suits them. In addition, Seventh Sense integrates into HubSpot allowing you to utilize all of the HubSpot data tracking information as well.
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The Power of Relationships: HubSpot Agencies Supporting Each Other Through Hurricane Irma [Coffee Talks / On the Bean Bag]

Published on Sep 13, 2017 3:26:37 PM by Nextiny Marketing

This past weekend, Hurricane Irma impacted our lives in a way that gave us all perspective on what really matters. From tracking the storm while it was still in the Atlantic and preparing our homes and families for potential damages, to now dealing with the impact that Hurricane Irma has had on our state, we are truly learning the meaning of community. We saw people of all different backgrounds reach out to make sure that their neighbors felt prepared and safe. Our co-workers continuously checked in with one another all through the weekend to ensure that everyone and their families were ok and had what they needed. It was a great thing to experience in a time of such uncertainty.

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Soapbox Weekly Hacks: How To Make Your Images not Blurry Inside HubSpot

Published on Jul 7, 2017 1:52:37 PM by Nextiny Marketing

While we love that HubSpot automatically optimizes our website pages to go as fast as possible, we don't always love when our images become blurry for the cause. Here's a hack on how to keep HubSpot from automatically resizing your image. 

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Soapbox Weekly Hacks: How to Use Soapbox

Published on Jun 30, 2017 1:20:28 PM by Nextiny Marketing

We are excited to announce our newest weekly video series, "Soapbox Weekly Hacks". In our first video our CEO Gabriel Marguglio will be introducing Soapbox, how to set it up, and how we use it for our videos. 

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July HUG 2017: Email Marketing Workshop

Published on Jun 28, 2017 9:23:36 AM by Nextiny Marketing

Is email still a relevant tool? The answer is simple… YES! When you're using email best practices you give yourself a better opportunity to generate success for all of your marketing and sales campaigns. There are a variety of tools, strategies, and HubSpot integrations that allow your marketing and sales teams to optimize their email campaigns for all stages of the buyer’s journey. Elise Beck, a HubSpot Sales Product Marketing Manager, is flying down to Sarasota from Boston to share her email marketing knowledge with us, and we want you to join! 

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Coffee Talks: HubSpot User Group and Wistia Video Marketing Workshop Review [VIDEO]

Published on May 15, 2017 6:49:48 AM by Nextiny Marketing

This week in Coffee Talks, Gabriel and Megan review last week's Sarasota HubSpot User Group Workshop which featured guest speaker, Margot da Cunha from Wistia. The workshop was very well received and included a lot of great discussion during the panel.    

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4 Reasons Why You Should Migrate Your Website into HubSpot [VIDEO]

Published on May 11, 2017 1:22:00 PM by Nextiny Marketing

 There are several different platforms in which you can have your website and each can be optimized effectively if you know what you are doing. We recommend migrating your website into HubSpot for 4 reasons:

  1. Everything is now integrated in HubSpot from blogs, to emails, to the website pages themselves
  2. The pages are simple to adjust and change, thus empowering your customers
  3. Your website becomes faster, easier to browse, and Google indexes more pages which all help with SEO
  4. Utilize dynamic content based on who is looking at the page
Gabriel Marguglio, CEO of Nextiny Marketing, gives a detailed explanation on the 4 reasons why you should migrate your website into HubSpot, offering an inside look at what we've found to be helpful for our clients.

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Coffee Talks: Key Takeaways from HubSpot's 2017 Partner Day [VIDEO]

Published on May 3, 2017 4:26:57 PM by Nextiny Marketing

Nextiny Marketing presents their newest video series, Coffee Talks. In this episode, Gabriel Marguglio and Kara Inglis discuss their favorite parts, key takeaways, and biggest trends from HubSpot's 2017 Partner Day last week in Boston. The topics covered include:

  1. Video Marketing
  2. Social media lead generation
  3. Higher focus on mobile-friendliness
  4. Utilizing HobSpot's COS
  5. AMP technology
  6. New ways to engage with leads
Watch more in the video to hear the rest!

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