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Kara Gillette June 13, 2024 11 min read

B2B HealthTech Industry Sales and Onboarding Process Optimization with HubSpot (Case Study)

In the rapidly evolving domain of B2B HealthTech, companies are often faced with intricate challenges, especially when it comes to sales processes and partner relationships. Tomorrow Health, a healthcare technology company dedicated to improving the way home-based care is ordered, delivered, and paid for, recognized these hurdles as they sought to establish themselves as leaders in this space. Their journey, fraught with the complexities of managing multifaceted partnerships and the dire need for an efficient sales mechanism, led them to seek a transformation that could redefine their operational dynamics.


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At Nextiny, we eagerly embrace every challenge that comes our way. For over a decade as HubSpot Solution Partners, we have been dedicated to crafting streamlined, innovative solutions that resonate with the unique needs of each business. As we collaborated with the Tomorrow Health team, we carefully heard each challenge they were facing in order to match it with the appropriate solution. With each solution we posed, the goal was to implement something that would work now and scale as they continued to grow. As we delve into this transformative journey, we’ll uncover the strategies employed, the hurdles overcome, and the remarkable outcomes achieved, offering insights that could inspire and guide your own journey forward.

Understanding the Challenge: HubSpot Onboarding 

Diving into the initial scenario, Tomorrow Health stood at a critical juncture. Their ambition to revolutionize patient care through state-of-the-art technology was being hindered by a labyrinth of challenges that are characteristic of the B2B MedTech landscape.


  • Sales Process Complexity: Tomorrow Health’s sales structure was anything but straightforward. Dealing with an array of stakeholders, including payors (Healthcare Insurance Companies), providers (Doctors), and suppliers (Medical Equipment Suppliers), each sale necessitated navigating a web of requirements, approvals, and continuous follow-ups. The traditional sales methodologies fell short, demanding a more nuanced approach tailored to handle multifaceted B2B interactions and extended sales cycles.
  • Onboarding and Partnership Management: Beyond the sales process, Tomorrow Health grappled with the onboarding of new partners—a critical phase that could set the tone for future collaborations. Each partner brought in a different set of expectations and operational blueprints. Aligning these with Tomorrow Health's internal processes required an orchestration of efforts, meticulous planning, and consistent communication, a feat that was increasingly cumbersome given their existing system's limitations.
  • System Inefficiencies: Perhaps one of the most pivotal realizations was the inadequacy of their existing operational systems. As a start-up, they were at the beginning phases of centralizing their systems and workflows. Their current systems were disjointed and a far cry from the cohesive, integrated solution Tomorrow Health needed. Information silos hindered communication, manual data entry led to inconsistencies, and a lack of automation meant valuable time and resources were continually expended on repetitive tasks.


Confronted with these realities, Tomorrow Health recognized the need for a radical
overhaul — one that wouldn’t just patch the existing gaps but would revamp their processes to drive efficiency, improve partner relationships, and ultimately, propel their business trajectory upward. The partnership with Nextiny Marketing marked the beginning of a transformative journey centered around the robust capabilities of HubSpot and a shared vision for unparalleled excellence.

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Phase 1 - Laying the Groundwork for HubSpot Implementation

The transformation kicked off with a foundational phase. This initial step was far from basic, though, as it involved a complete reimagining and restructuring of Tomorrow Health's operational backbone.

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1. Customizing HubSpot: Understanding that a one-size-fits-all approach was counterproductive, the first task was the meticulous customization of HubSpot's platform. This customization catered to Tomorrow Health's unique operational landscape, especially focusing on their sales framework and partnership onboarding protocols. By tailoring features and workflows, the platform was no longer just a tool but an integral extension of Tomorrow Health's strategic methodology.

2. Importing Records:
A systematic migration of data followed, with careful consideration to preserve the integrity of every single record. This task wasn't just about transferring information but about organizing it in a way that would make future processes more efficient. Rigorous checks and balances were employed, ensuring accuracy and accessibility.

3. Training Initiatives: Nextiny understood that even the most advanced system would falter without proficient users. Comprehensive training sessions were devised and delivered, equipping Tomorrow Health's teams with the know-how to leverage HubSpot's capabilities fully. This training demystified data entry protocols, outlined efficient sales activities, and ensured that the team could navigate and utilize the system's full potential.

4. HubSpot Marketing Hub Set-up: Although marketing was not the core focus of our partnership, we still wanted to help the Tomorrow Health team understand the powerful tools they had available with HubSpot to carry out any future marketing campaigns. We migrated their blog to HubSpot, created landing page and email templates, and swapped their existing website forms for HubSpot forms.

Phase 1 was a blend of technical acumen, strategic foresight, and collaborative effort. It set the stage, ensuring Tomorrow Health was not just equipped with a solution, but was poised to drive through the transformation that would follow in the subsequent phases.

Phase 2 - Strategic Implementation of HubSpot Sales Hub and Service Hub

With solid foundations in place, Phase 2 introduced an era of advanced functionalities and refined processes for Tomorrow Health, marking a significant leap in their digital transformation journey.

1. Strategic Journey Mapping and Deal Pipelines: Understanding the customer and partner journey is pivotal. Nextiny helped implement journey mapping, laying out each step a partner takes, identifying opportunities for engagement, and streamlining the conversion process. Furthermore, deal pipelines were structured, giving Tomorrow Health a bird's-eye view of deal stages, thereby enabling proactive engagement and higher conversion rates.

2. Enhancing Onboarding Pipelines: Traditional onboarding templates fell short of Tomorrow Health’s requirements. Recognizing this, Nextiny revolutionized their pipelines, accommodating the complexities involved in onboarding Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Referring Providers (RP) partners. This enhancement was not just about sophistication but about creating value-driven, efficient partner experiences that created a good user experience for the end user and was an attainable process for Tomorrow Health team members to follow.

3. Advanced Automation and Outreach: The rollout of advanced features escalated the role of automation in these onboarding processes.. Using HubSpot’s Workflow tool, we created unique automation that not only allowed for tailored and timely outreach to end users. It also streamlined the responsibilities of Tomorrow Health’s account management team by moving deals automatically through the pipeline and assigning tasks to users to prevent oversight and dropoff. 

4. Creative website optimizations using Jotform and HubDB: As part of Tomorrow Health’s onboarding process, there are specific intake forms that DMEs and RPs are required to complete. On the DME side, the collection of this information is crucial, but it is not data that makes sense to store in HubSpot. Because of this, we leveraged the HubSpot and Jotform integration so that we could connect the dots between specific users and form submissions, without storing unnecessary data in HubSpot. On the RP side, while their form is more streamlined and acceptable to capture in HubSpot completely, there was room to optimize the form to standardize the submission of facility names. Using HubDB, prospective partners could now use an advanced search function to explore and select their facility; enhancing the partner sign-up process. This not only empowered partners but also significantly optimized the sign-up process.

5. CSAT and Custom Survey Rollout: In an era where onboarding and user adoption are measured not by how good you perceive your process to be, but by how highly users rate it, we recognized that surveying would be a crucial aspect of our partnership. Once the pipelines were launched and onboarding had begun, we worked with the Tomorrow Health team to implement HubSpot’s Service Hub. Through CSAT surveys embedded directly in their product interface thanks to the installation of the HubSpot tracking code and custom surveys, we are able to collect sentiment from users in many different ways.

Phase 2 was a testament to strategic foresight, technological innovation, and a deep understanding of Tomorrow Health's operational needs, pushing the boundaries of what was possible and setting new benchmarks for success.

Phase 3 - Optimizing B2B Sales Process and Comprehensive Reporting in HubSpot

Entering Phase 3, the initiative pivoted towards a highly anticipated aspect of the digital transformation journey: B2B Sales Process Optimization and Advanced Reporting. Now that the DME and RP teams had processes that were optimized to onboard new users, it was time to work with the payor team, who is responsible for selling these new partnerships, to make sure they had a process that was streamlined and data-driven. This phase marked a significant shift in how Tomorrow Health approached sales strategy and data analysis, integrating technology, and intelligent solutions for a proactive sales approach and data-driven decision-making.

Productivity by Rep

1. Sales Optimization through Intelligent Pipelines: By strategically leveraging HubSpot Deals and Target Accounts, Tomorrow Health could concentrate their efforts and resources on high-value interactions. This approach wasn't about casting a wide net; it was about precision—knowing which partnerships held the most promise and nurturing them. This precision-targeting strategy was further enhanced by establishing explicit criteria for Lifecycle Stages, enabling the team to discern and strategize outreach based on where prospects were in the sales funnel.

2. Proactive Sales Teams through Automation: Given the lengthy and complex nature of Tomorrow Health’s sales cycles, there was a need to keep sales teams in the loop without overwhelming them with information. Automation came into play, sending out timely, automated alerts about ongoing deals. This feature ensured that opportunities remained on the radar, fostering a culture of attentiveness and timely engagement.

3. Playbooks for Deal Score Carding: To fortify the sales process, Playbooks were introduced for deal score carding. These Playbooks provided structured guidance, ensuring consistency in evaluating potential deals and making informed, objective decisions.

4. From Spreadsheets to Dynamic Dashboards: Perhaps one of the most transformative changes was in reporting. Leadership teams were weaned off traditional spreadsheet reporting, transitioning instead to HubSpot’s dynamic dashboards. These live dashboards provided real-time data, visually intuitive reports, and the ability to customize what decision-makers needed to see, when they needed to see it.

This phase solidified Tomorrow Health's commitment to not just keeping up with industry standards but setting them, reflecting a forward-thinking mindset integral to their ethos.

Choosing the Right Solution - Why HubSpot?

In the quest for a solution adept at managing Tomorrow Health's intricate B2B dynamics, HubSpot Sales Enterprise emerged as the beacon. The decision wasn't arbitrary but rooted in HubSpot's proven competence in streamlining complex B2B processes, a testimony shared by enterprises worldwide.

What set HubSpot apart was its cohesive ecosystem, capable of unifying Tomorrow Health's diverse operational threads. Its Sales Enterprise platform, known for its advanced features, promised scalability and the agility required to mold the software around the company's evolving needs. This adaptability was crucial in managing complex partnerships across payors, providers, and suppliers, ensuring a seamless interface at every interaction point.

Moreover, the integration didn't stop there. Recognizing the need for a holistic approach, Tomorrow Health also leveraged HubSpot's Marketing, Service, and CMS Pro software. This suite not only aligned with their sales goals but also empowered their marketing initiatives, customer service excellence, and content management prowess. The all-encompassing nature of HubSpot provided Tomorrow Health with a synchronized solution, turning their challenges into stepping stones for success.


As we reflect on Tomorrow Health's transformative journey, it's clear that the strategic overhaul of their sales and onboarding processes, facilitated by Nextiny Marketing's HubSpot expertise, has been nothing short of revolutionary. The transition from a fragmented, labor-intensive system to a streamlined, automated, and intelligent infrastructure has reshaped how Tomorrow Health operates and engages within the MedTech sphere.

Success in Numbers and Beyond: Post-implementation, Tomorrow Health reported not just quantitative leaps—such as increased lead conversions, streamlined processes, and time savings—but also qualitative enhancements. These include stronger strategic partnerships, improved team morale, and a reinforced market position. These successes are a testament to what's possible when innovative technology meets insightful, custom strategy.

Positioned for Tomorrow: With these foundational improvements, Tomorrow Health is now better equipped to navigate the complexities of the B2B MedTech landscape. They're not just keeping pace; they're now leading the pack, ready to embrace future challenges and opportunities with agility and confidence.

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As a lean, new marketing team we quickly identified our legacy processes had broken and needed to quickly implement a CRM and marketing operations solution. We also needed support on best practices for implementation, automations, and CRM design to meet our unique use cases. That's when we brought in Nextiny to support us! Nextiny is extremely collaborative, thorough, and kind. We couldn't have accomplished our growth and marketing goals without them and would highly recommend working with them across marketing needs.
- Tomorrow Health


Embarking on a journey of transformation requires the right partner, and as Tomorrow Health's experience shows, the results can be groundbreaking. Reach out to Nextiny Marketing to start your journey today.


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