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Samantha Carey June 14, 2024 4 min read

HubSpot Is Now HIPAA Compliant: What That Means for Your HealthTech Company

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient information in the healthcare industry. Adhering to HIPAA regulations is crucial for health organizations to ensure the security of protected health information (PHI).

HubSpot's recent HIPAA compliance is a significant advancement for health organizations managing PHI. You can now activate HIPAA-specific sensitive data settings within HubSpot. Once enabled, these settings allow for the creation of sensitive data properties and secure uploading of attachments containing PHI. This powerful enhancement ensures that your health organization can leverage HubSpot's robust CRM tools while maintaining stringent data protection standards.

To fully understand the impact of this new compliance, we’ll explore the implications of HubSpot’s HIPAA compliance for your HealthTech company, highlighting how it can optimize data capture, enhance patient communication, and improve business reporting.

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HubSpot HIPAA Compliance: Getting Started 

HubSpot provides a secure solution for users to store sensitive data within their accounts. This feature is only accessible to users with Super Admin permissions, ensuring controlled access to critical information.

Once custom properties for sensitive data are created, you and your team can safely begin to collect this information from site visitors using forms. Files uploaded with sensitive data will also be safeguarded with advanced encryption.

By adhering to terms and conditions and following stringent security guidelines, users can transform HubSpot into a secure and efficient repository for sensitive data storage. This ensures that you can leverage HubSpot's powerful infrastructure while maintaining the utmost data integrity and security. Keep in mind that once sensitive data is enabled, it cannot be disabled, and Super Admins are restricted from modifying sensitive properties.

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Form Optimization for Comprehensive Data Capture

HubSpot’s new HIPAA compliance feature empowers healthcare organizations to significantly enhance their online lead-generation capabilities. Before, organizations had to be very careful which properties they included on website forms to avoid capturing sensitive data. Now, with the ability to store sensitive data in HubSpot, clinicians and administrators can create comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant forms. This ensures the secure collection of extensive patient data without compromising privacy.

Optimizing forms with robust features such as conditional logic, customizable fields, and dynamic question branching guarantees that data capture efforts are both efficient and thorough. This gives healthcare providers the ability to gather all necessary patient information in a single interaction, thereby minimizing redundancies and reducing administrative workload.

Enhanced data capture not only complies with HIPAA requirements but also nurtures an environment of trust and transparency which is critical for maintaining patient engagement and satisfaction. 

Enhance Customer Communications, Experiences, and Care

By securely managing sensitive patient data, healthcare providers can transform their patients’ digital and in-person healthcare experiences by creating personalized and relevant communications. For example, using data from HIPAA-compliant forms allows healthcare organizations to segment their patient database based on medical history, demographic information, and treatment plans. This segmentation enables targeted, relevant messages to specific patient groups, ensuring that communications are personalized, timely, and pertinent to their health needs. Personalized messaging boosts patient engagement by delivering information and reminders directly related to their conditions and treatment plans, ultimately improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Unlock More Complete Business Reporting

Comprehensive business reporting is crucial for healthcare organizations aiming to optimize operations and improve patient care. With the right insights, healthcare administrators can make better decisions when establishing organizational goals, budgeting, monitoring resources, and scheduling medical staff to meet patients' needs. HubSpot’s HIPAA compliance ensures the secure handling of sensitive health data while enhancing the capability to produce thorough business reports. These reports provide deep insights into organizational performance, patient engagement, and the effectiveness of marketing and business processes driving appointments booked and revenue obtained, which was previously challenging to gauge without a comprehensive overview. By leveraging these insights, healthcare providers can make informed decisions, ultimately driving better outcomes for patients and the organization alike.

A major benefit of comprehensive business reporting is the ability to conduct comparative analysis. Healthcare organizations can benchmark their performance against industry standards or historical data, identifying areas for improvement and celebrating successes. These insights are vital for strategic planning and resource allocation, allowing initiatives to concentrate on interventions that optimize returns in terms of patient health and organizational efficiency.


HubSpot’s HIPAA compliance capabilities offer healthcare organizations a secure and efficient way to manage patient data. By leveraging advanced data capture technologies and personalized communication strategies, healthcare providers can boost patient engagement, improve user experience, and achieve more in-depth business reporting.

Ready to unlock the full potential of HubSpot’s HIPAA-compliant features? Contact our team today to discover how we can help your health organization succeed.

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