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Kara Inglis January 28, 2016 3 min read

How to Revamp Your Company's Responsive Website Homepage


As most companies recognize, an integral part of growing is changing. As a part of our growth, we decided that it was time to start making changes to our professional image; starting with the homepage of our website. And that got us thinking: what are the best practices for revamping your company’s homepage?

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Naturally, this question led us to our most tried and true marketing resource: HubSpot. As it turns out, HubSpot has raised this question a few times through various blog posts. 

After reviewing the key updates we made to our homepage and the information from our knowledgeable friends at HubSpot, we have come up with 3 critical homepage characteristics.


With such a large reliance on the internet in our day to day lives, we are very interactive people today in the 21st century. We do not want to simply read and analyze, we want to act. That is why it is important for your homepage to be interactive for your visitors. Your company should have different ways for visitors to navigate deeper into your website as they scroll through your homepage. This will allow them to actively and fluidly learn more about your company. One of the best ways to have visitors and potentials customers interact with your homepage is through call-to-actions (CTAs). CTAs not only let visitors delve further into your website, they also lead them to a useful piece of information that will only leave them wanting to come back for more!


Credibility is key when it comes to websites. We are far past the curve when it comes to being able to have an impressive website for your company. There are plenty of services available (both free and paid) that allow you to make sure your company’s web presence is solid. This means that everything should look sharp. All text, images, and videos should be of the highest quality to truly wow your visitors. If you would not show up to a business meeting wearing clothes that model styles from ten years ago, then you should not present your customers with a website that gives the same impression. If this is their first impression of your brand, you want to make it a good one!

The single most important aspect of a credible website is whether or not it is responsive. A responsive website is one that adjusts its features depending on the device it is being viewed on in order to make it most attractive for visitors. Not only that, Google is highly appreciative of responsive websites and ranks them closer to the top in searches! If you are impressing both visitors and Google, you are off to a pretty good start!


Ultimately, there is no better information than facts. Facts allow you to communicate to your customers exactly what your company is capable of. These facts can come in many different forms. They can be numbers that indicate past successes, testimonials from other customers, or links to your company’s work. Regardless of how you present the facts to your visitors, they should be available in order to add tangibility to your company’s brand. Having an impressive website is crucial, yes. However, having an impressive company and the facts to prove it is much more powerful. 

I am a visual person, so for me, seeing is believing! If you are the same, first, check out the Nextiny homepage to see some of these ideas put into practice. If you are still looking for more after that, HubSpot has you covered. In addition to their helpful content on reaching homepage perfection, they have also compiled a list of companies with stunning homepages that are sure to capture the attention of visitors!

Want to meet with one of our marketing professionals to revamp your company’s homepage? Contact us so we can help you make the best first impression possible for your potential customers.

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