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Kara Inglis August 22, 2022 4 min read

Six Websites in Six Months with the HubSpot CMS Hub Enterprise

B2C / B2B - Healthcare Industry: 

Care New England (CNE) is a trusted health care provider that encompasses multiple hospitals and wellness centers in and around Providence, Rhode Island.

Without the control and widespread access they required, their team struggled to maintain so many websites which were spread across many different systems. They needed websites that properly represented their brand and were easy for their team to manage and update over time.

HubSpot_ImpactAwards_2021_WebsiteDesignWe are proud to announce that this case study has won the 2021 Impact Award for Website Design from HubSpot. The Impact Awards are accolades awarded to HubSpot solutions partners who help their clients grow better.

The Challenge: Restructure and Redesign Six Websites in Six Months 

During our initial conversations, the CNE team came to us with a very clear goal: they wanted to redo six websites in six months. The biggest motivator for getting the sites live in six months was the unreliability of their current website platforms. At any given time, their existing sites would go down for hours and sometimes days at a time. This is devastating for any organization, but particularly for medical organizations, some of which specialize in emergency care. This was not a risk they could continue to take as they evaluated future systems. They needed a solution that would be both secure and reliable, and they needed it quickly. 

What made this goal even more of a challenge was the fact that this was not just a website redesign project. The existing websites were custom developed on a handful of different platforms, including Adobe ColdFusion, Microsoft's ASP.NET, and Wordpress, and came with roughly 20,000 pages across all six domains. To make this website project a success, we not only had to redesign the sites to give them an updated look and feel to match the direction they wanted their brand to go, we also had to reevaluate the site structure and better optimize the sites for conversion so that they would be successful in not only attracting visitors, but also leads. 

The Solution: One Platform For Success and Consistent Branding

While the initial phase of our partnership was focused on building these six websites, we wanted to make sure the CNE team was set up for future long term success by building these sites on a platform that would be user friendly and useful for any future marketing they wanted to do after the sites were launched. 


In our process of improving the overall user experience of the websites and SEO, we helped reduce their URLs by more than 90% across all six domains.

This meant setting them up with HubSpot Marketing Hub and HubSpot CMS Hub Enterprise. By using the enterprise level of the HubSpot software, we were able to create all six websites in one HubSpot portal. While this does lead to some additional work to organize the portal so that all brand assets are clearly identified and separated, this is a worthwhile investment when you consider the end goal of being able to easily and efficiently manage all of the websites from a single location in the future. 

When going through the website build process, we selected a template from the HubSpot Asset Marketplace that we would use for all six websites. Not only did this help with their goal of adding more consistency to their brands across the different websites, it also helped save them time and money so we could keep the project on time and on budget. 

The Outcome: Six Websites Launched In Six Months That Are More Friendly For Users and For the CNE Team

Over the six month period, our team worked closely with the CNE team to launch one website per month to reach our shared goal of getting six new websites launched in six months. We took the initial 20,000 pages and condensed the sites down to close to 2,000 pages total. This substantial reduction in the number of pages not only helped us deliver websites that would be more clear for future website visitors it also made for a much more manageable back end for the CNE team. Moving forward, users are able to more clearly navigate the sites to find the information they are looking for and fill out forms thanks to improved conversion rate optimization and the CNE team is able to autonomously make simple edits, create new pages, and more to continue to optimize their websites for future growth.

Before and After Snapshots (including website grader scores)

Care New England Healthcare Website Design
Kent Hospital Website Design

Women & Infants Website Design
The Providence Center Website Design

Butler Hospital Website Design
VNA Hospital Website Design

Having a centralized system for the websites and marketing assets provided us with an opportunity to understand attribution, create better campaign segmentation and targeting, and allows for more reliable reporting.

Leads generated by the new websites

Future Opportunities: 4 More Websites, HubDB, and More

Since the launch of the initial six websites, we have continued to work with the CNE team on their ongoing marketing efforts and new projects. We’ve launched two additional websites as subdomains for brand consolidation purposes and are working on two more websites. Using HubDB and HubSpot CMS Hub Enterprise, we are also building out a custom doctor finder database that will be used across all CNE sites.

HubDB - Doctor Finder Tool

Care New England Video Testimonial: 

Tyler McCollum - Senior Marketing Manager // Julie Aponte - Digital Marketing Specialist