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5 Things You Need To Do in 2017 to Attract Your Ideal Customers

Published on Mar 16, 2017 4:15:00 PM by Nick Mace

AdobeStock_109035283.jpegHow are your New Year Resolutions going so far this year? It isn’t too late to reevaluate. This year, make a resolution for your business. Stop using marketing strategies and tactics that might be working or, worse yet, aren’t yielding any benefit on your end.

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By now we all have a firm grasp on the fact that digital and social media marketing has the ability to reach a tremendous number of people. Digital marketing, or inbound marketing as it is most commonly known, is no longer the new kid on the block. But are you reaching the right people through your digital efforts?  As technology continually changes, so does the ability to attract customers and generate traffic. The name of the game however, is not only to attract more customers, but to attract your ideal customers; the people who are interested in the content you’re providing and are searching online for educational content within your industry.

HubSpot marketing software offers the ability to sync and execute this goal in one location as well as track your success, or see where you can make improvements, so that you can Prove your ROI over time. What are some of the channels where HubSpot can be implemented?

Here are 5 ways you can implement HubSpot into your marketing efforts:

1. Your Website
Think you need a webmaster or IT Team to optimize your website’s ability? Think again. Utilize HubSpot’s Website Platform and drag-and-drop template builder to customize the experience for every visitor. Adapt to their unique needs with personalized content, and target their device of choice as every HubSpot page is already mobile optimized for you. Meanwhile, measure your growth and success with integrated analytics to determine which content is closing leads into customers.
2. Blogging
Create engaging blog posts that users will not only want to read, but will also be able to find when they search online. Use the as-you-type keyword suggestions and on-page SEO advice to outrank competitors and gain priority, thus driving search traffic.  Track your performance with built-in analytics to optimize your content, and even more importantly, determine the timing that works. Don’t forget you not only want people to find your content first, you also want them to read it and engage with it.
3. Social Media
Publish posts to your target audience by posting directly to your social media channels to automatically and easily stay connected with your followers and promote the valuable content you have created.  Monitor social media interactions as they happen.
4. Video

Video truly is the content of the future. Videos have become increasingly popular and are now a must-have for any business. According to recent stats released by HubSpot, including a video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%. Watching a video is easier than reading text, and putting your videos online allows you to relay information in creative, entertaining ways. Videos also add a personal touch which relates to your clients or ideal customers and develops their trust in you and your services.
5. CRM
Use your CRM to track your success and engagement with potential customers. The tool integrates with marketing tools you already use with your website, email, phone, social media and other communication devices. It helps you organize your marketing lists, notes and calendar all in one place.  This will allow you to continue to nurture your leads into a relationship with direct contact which can be unfortunately lost via media outlets. connecting them to people in your database as well as to your sales team, triggering follow-up opportunities.

This year, don’t just blindly market to the public. Generate targeted inbound marketing strategies that reach your ideal customers. Get started with HubSpot Marketing Software for Free today.

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