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Nextiny Marketing & Sales Blog

Gabriel Marguglio October 11, 2023

Experience a 7X Increase in Visits, and a 10X Increase in Lead Generation with HubSpot

B2B / B2C: Nextiny’s Long-Term Clients Experience a X7 Increase in Visits, and a 10X ...
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Kara Inglis August 22, 2022

Six Websites in Six Months with the HubSpot CMS Hub Enterprise

B2C / B2B - Healthcare Industry: Care New England (CNE) is a trusted health care provider ...
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Kara Inglis January 12, 2022

Close More Customers with Video and Conversational Marketing (HubSpot Platform)

B2C - Hospitality / Vacation Industry: 3X customers closed when video was a part of their ...
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Nextiny Marketing August 18, 2021

Community Bank Generates New Accounts Using Google Ads and HubSpot

B2C / B2B - Financial Industry: Going up against the larger, national banks was no easy ...
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Kara Inglis June 29, 2021

HubSpot Platform Helps Mini Golf Business See Proof of ROI from B2C Digital Marketing in 6 Months

B2C - Hospitality / Vacation Industry: Anyone who has taken a Florida vacation knows that ...
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Kara Inglis March 31, 2020

B2B Data Driven Sales Enablement: How to Change the Conversation

B2B - Tech / SaaS Industry: Anyone working towards marketing and sales alignment knows ...
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Gabriel Marguglio March 29, 2019

Understanding Marketing ROI: Customers Closed from HubSpot Efforts (Insycle Case Study)

B2C - Construction / Luxury Contractor Industry: Being a marketer today is pretty ...
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Kara Inglis April 1, 2018

HubSpot + Seventh Sense: 60% Increase in Sales Opportunities From Email Marketing

Our ability to create value using all of the data that we had collected through HubSpot, ...
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Gabriel Marguglio March 29, 2018

How the HubSpot Ecosystem Facilitated Success in an Outbound Industry

We’ve always been transparent with our partners about the long-term success of inbound ...
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