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Nextiny Marketing Celebrates International Women's Day 2017

Published on Mar 8, 2017 10:45:00 AM by Jackie Marguglio

InternationalWomensDay2017.jpgToday at Nextiny Marketing we are celebrating International Women’s Day and giving yet another round of applause to our terrific female employees. This celebration, which has been taking place since 1909, focuses on appreciation and respect for women’s economic, political, and social achievements. We find this celebration to be particularly poignant for us in light of the outrageous comments made just last Wednesday by a Polish politician who said that women should earn less than men because according to him, women are weaker smaller and less intelligent. Misogynistic comments such as these remind us that sadly, not every country in the world is a safe haven for women and unfortunately, even with all of the rights thankfully afforded to women in the US, the gender pay gap persists at a shocking 80 cents paid to women for every dollar earned by men, as of 2016.

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Women are increasingly drawn to the field of marketing, possibly because marketing requires a nonlinear combination of creativity and analytical skills which, when merged, form a force to be reckoned with.  Marketing is often erroneously viewed as an expense by clients, but when done correctly, can quickly transform itself into a pivotal investment.  Outstanding ‘A players’ collaborating to deliver qualified leads are a vital component of successful marketing agencies, and while marketers who excel at working together are found in both genders, women often excel at prioritizing collaboration.  

At Nextiny Marketing we are proud to fully support our female team members in their professional growth and we are committed to providing an environment free of the gender pay gap and conducive to uncovering every one of our employees’ multifaceted gifts. I personally have worked for many agencies over the years which were not committed to mentoring or  supporting women, but I was lucky to find role models along the way, usually older women, to teach me the ropes and to encourage me.  It was those experiences, both positive and negative, which generated in me the desire to create an environment that is safe and supportive to female employees and ultimately, to all employees, which is the fundamental goal of feminism. Fortunately, Gabriel Marguglio, my husband and CEO of Nextiny shares my vision to own a company where people can thrive and where their achievements can be celebrated and appropriately compensated regardless of gender, race, religion, or orientation.   

Furthermore, Nextiny is partnered with HubSpot, a company located in Cambridge, MA which provides an all-in-one marketing software as well as the inbound methodology, that allows clients to attract visitors, convert leads and close customers. In 2015, HubSpot was named a best workplace for women by due to their commitment to empowering women
. During Inbound 2016, HubSpot introduced us to Girls Who Code, an organization which we are proud to endorse, and whose mission is to close the gender gap in technology by teaching coding in schools and afterschool programs. We are proud of our partnership with HubSpot and share their vision of diversity in the workplace.

Last week we gave a shout-out to all of our employees during Employee Appreciation Day and this week, in turn, we toast the women of Nextiny!

Jackie Marguglio, P.h.D.
Mastermind of Intuition



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