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Gabriel Marguglio November 11, 2014 2 min read

5 Incredibly Useful SEO Tricks for Small Businesses

Getting your name out on the web can be challenging, but these SEO tricks will help you get noticed and start maximizing your returns.

Advertise to Fewer People

You aren't trying to sell to everyone on the internet - and as long as you remain a small business, spreading your efforts too wide could actually hurt your chances of success. Instead, narrow your targeting range and focus on advertising to the group of people most likely to buy your products.

Offer Original Content

Plagiarism isn't just unprofessional - it's counterproductive, since most search engines can detect it and file you as an untrustworthy site. Offering original content - written by either yourself or a staff writer - can help separate you from the crowd and give a sense of value to your operations. Always try to add some sort of value to your SEO posts, either by providing analysis, taking a stance, or explaining things people may not have known.

Update Regularly

Websites that update themselves on a regular basis are seen as more active, more relevant, and more valuable - so focusing at least some of your SEO efforts into a blog will help your website establish and maintain a position in the rankings. However, keep in mind that junk content will only drag you down - it's far more important to offer high-quality content than it is to update as frequently as you can. A minimum of one update a week should suffice.

Name Your Images

Providing original names for images - ideally ones that explain both the picture and the point being made - can help them get noticed by search engines. Keep in mind that the algorithms used by search engines started off as smart and are growing increasingly more intelligent over time - the clearer your site, the easier it will be to reach the top.

Use Links Appropriately

Creating links to high-authority sites can increase the authority of your own web page in many different ways. At the most basic level, it will make search engines trust you more. On the user side of things, clear and relevant links (only to new tabs!) can help to establish you as an authority and make it clear that you know what you're talking about. As their trust in you grows, they'll be motivated to stay around longer and start becoming customers - and that, in the end, is your true goal.

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