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Samantha Carey


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Samantha Carey September 19, 2022

Demystifying SEO: HubSpot CMS Website Design for Marketers

Join the CMS team from Nextiny Marketing for some CMS for Marketers Office Hours! Stop by ...
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Samantha Carey September 6, 2022

Video Pre-Production: Types of Videos, Strategy, and Preparation

Join Aaron Oberdick and Corey Christian of Nextiny Marketing for an overview of the video ...
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Samantha Carey July 11, 2022

Google and Facebook Paid Ads for an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Are you ready to begin a paid ad campaign? What is the process for getting started? Which ...
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Samantha Carey December 23, 2021

Video Marketing Questions: Production, Equipment, Software, and More

In this Video Marketing Office Hours, we talked about the pre-production phase, video ...
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Samantha Carey November 26, 2021

HubSpot Academy: Video Bootcamp for Marketing, Sales & Service

In this office hours, we'll be talking about HubSpot Academy’s Video Bootcamp: a ...
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Samantha Carey November 11, 2021

Video Marketing Office Hours: Getting Started with Webinars

Join our Video HUG to learn about video marketing strategies. We will cover topics such ...
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Samantha Carey October 11, 2021

Video Marketing: Descript Studio Sound + Lighting and Camera Improvements

Learn more about how Descript Studio Sound can help improve your audio, how to improve ...
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Samantha Carey May 19, 2021

Metrics for Creatives: How Airtable Measures Success Through Their Content Efforts

Margaret Jones is the Head of Content at Airtable, an easy-to-use online platform for ...
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Samantha Carey May 5, 2021

Promoting Diversity and Fueling Video Series with Live Events

Kerel Cooper is the CMO at LiveIntent, a marketing technology company, and founder and ...
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