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Nextiny Celebrates International Women's Day 2018

Published on Mar 8, 2018 4:00:03 PM by Jackie Marguglio

Nextiny Team Women's Day 2018Today is International Women’s Day and at Nextiny we are proud to support gender equality by continuing to encourage our awesome female marketers.   Although I am currently the COO of Nextiny, for many years I worked for many agencies which exposed me to the kind of environment that did not support female staff at all, and which were, in fact, quite detrimental.  As a result, I always wanted to create a work environment for employees that would be conducive to their personal happiness and work satisfaction and development.

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At Nextiny, not only do we have equal pay for equal work, but we believe firmly that your career growth should depend solely on your work and passion for going above and beyond for our clients and not on any of your personally defining characteristics, such as gender, ethnicity, race or sexual orientation. Not only do we have a comprehensive paid parental leave policy for both new mothers and fathers in a state where parental leave, paid or unpaid, is not a legally required benefit for employees, but we pride ourselves in providing the kind of humane and supportive work environment which allows our employees rapid growth within a culture that encourages learning and education. Furthermore, in this year of the #metoo movement, it goes without saying that sexual harassment of any type is completely forbidden at our agency and in fact, we are very protective of not only our female staff but our male employees as well.

At Nextiny, we care for our team as people first and that is the very basis of International Women’s Day. Until all women in the world are treated humanely as all humans should be, we will need such a day to remind us all that women should be respected in their personal spheres and treated professionally in work environments. From our team at Nextiny, Happy International Women’s Day to all of the creative and magnificent female marketers and to the wonderful men who support them!

Jackie Marguglio, P.h.D.
Mastermind of Intuition



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