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Gabriel Marguglio September 13, 2017 1 min read

The Power of Relationships: HubSpot Agencies Supporting Each Other Through Hurricane Irma [Coffee Talks / On the Bean Bag]

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This past weekend, Hurricane Irma impacted our lives in a way that gave us all perspective on what really matters. From tracking the storm while it was still in the Atlantic and preparing our homes and families for potential damages, to now dealing with the impact that Hurricane Irma has had on our state, we are truly learning the meaning of community. We saw people of all different backgrounds reach out to make sure that their neighbors felt prepared and safe. Our co-workers continuously checked in with one another all through the weekend to ensure that everyone and their families were ok and had what they needed. It was a great thing to experience in a time of such uncertainty.


In this episode of Coffee Talks, Nextiny CEO, Gabriel Marguglio, and fellow HubSpot Agency Partner TMC Digital Media CEO, Erik MacPherson, sat down to discuss friendship, generosity, and the power of the HubSpot community. Erik lives near Atlanta, Georgia and offered everyone at Nextiny, in Sarasota, Florida, the opportunity to come to his house for protection. The Marguglio family took Erik up on this generous offer and could not be thankful enough for him and his family’s compassion during these times. As inbound marketers, we always talk about adding value and making an impact, Erik and his family did just that for our team!



 To extend generosity out to the rest of our community, we encourage everyone to support the American Red Cross as they continue to raise money to help those in need.


Thank you, MacPherson family and TMC Digital Media, for showing us such a great time! 
You helped turn a scary experience into a positive and memorable trip for our family!

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