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    Coffee Talks 112: How to Choose Software to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

    The wide world of marketing software gets wider every year. This ...
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    Coffee Talks Episode 111: Starting Simple With Automation

    In the marketing industry, when evaluating new marketing technology, ...
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    5 Ways to Improve Your Video Play Rate

    Video is becoming an incredibly important tool for marketers ...
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    Coffee Talks Episode 110: Tracking Phone Calls in the HubSpot Platform

    With the help of HubSpot integrations like CallRail, AirCall, and ...
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    Coffee Talks Episode 109: Why We Use the HubSpot CMS for Our Websites

    We say that we chose HubSpot for all our website needs, but some ...
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    Top 10 HubSpot Integrations to Generate Leads and Close Customers

    At Nextiny, we are committed to providing the best marketing and ...
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    Coffee Talks Episode 108: SEO Updates in 2019

    SEO is always changing. As soon as you think you’re caught up, you’re ...
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    Announcing our Sarasota HubSpot User Group Video Marketing Workshop

    If a FREE opportunity to learn everything you need to know about ...
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    Coffee Talks Episode 107: Redesigning and Optimizing a Website

    Your website is the virtual storefront of your business.Your website ...
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