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Kara Inglis


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Kara Inglis August 7, 2023

8 Reasons People Ignore Your Email

Email Marketing can be a great way to reach out to your audience and grab their attention ...
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Kara Inglis August 22, 2022

Six Websites in Six Months with the HubSpot CMS Hub Enterprise

B2C / B2B - Healthcare Industry: Care New England (CNE) is a trusted health care provider ...
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Kara Inglis January 12, 2022

Close More Customers with Video and Conversational Marketing (HubSpot Platform)

B2C - Hospitality / Vacation Industry: 3X customers closed when video was a part of their ...
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Kara Inglis June 29, 2021

HubSpot Platform Helps Mini Golf Business See Proof of ROI from B2C Digital Marketing in 6 Months

B2C - Hospitality / Vacation Industry: Anyone who has taken a Florida vacation knows that ...
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Kara Inglis March 31, 2020

B2B Data Driven Sales Enablement: How to Change the Conversation

B2B - Tech / SaaS Industry: Anyone working towards marketing and sales alignment knows ...
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Kara Inglis February 17, 2020

Getting Started With Email Segmentation

With all the options and obstacles to weave through, sending effective marketing emails ...
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Kara Inglis December 19, 2019

Using Data to Drive Your Business Strategy with Pete Caputa from Databox

Few things scare people more than complex numbers, graphs, and the idea that what they’re ...
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Kara Inglis November 20, 2019

Getting Automated: Email Strategy Insight with Seventh Sense’s Mike Donnelly

There are over 5 billion active email accounts on the web today and that number is only ...
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Kara Inglis November 6, 2019

Combining Your Video Strategy With Effective Written Content

Before you make content of any kind, make sure you stay intentional and data-driven with ...
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