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Gabriel Marguglio August 28, 2018 5 min read

The HubSpot Ecosystem: Seventh Sense Integration (Email Marketing and Send Time Optimization)

Seventh Sense

With Seventh Sense, we can send email campaigns at the optimal time for each lead, at a time when they are most ready to engage. By using Seventh Sense for email marketing campaigns, you can reach people when they have time to engage with your content, which will result in higher opening rates, higher click through rates, and ultimately, higher conversions. We can utilize this data to give sales teams better insight into their prospects’ buying behavior. This allows us to contact SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) at a time when they are most ready for it. Sales teams can also access the data right inside of the HubSpot CRM. This integration allows us to create more success for our customers, increase conversion rates, and improve ROI on email campaigns.

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What Seventh Sense Does

Seventh Sense analyses all of the available data based on email engagement inside of your HubSpot account. The software checks every email that you have sent, when each of your leads has opened each email, and interacted with it. Seventh Sense also understands if these engagements happened from a desktop or a mobile device. Through AI technology, all of this data is analyzed automatically, and Seventh Sense calculates the most probable time that each one of your leads will engage with your email. Seventh Sense also allows you to know how engaged your leads are with your campaigns to be able to make more informed marketing decisions. With this insight, we can better understand the level of engagement that our campaigns are receiving and if that engagement is accelerating or decelerating. Seventh Sense also connects with email providers, like Gmail, to analyze the same information from emails sent by your salespeople, giving you a complete picture of how your leads engage with your marketing and sales teams.

How Does Seventh Sense Integrate With HubSpot?

The Seventh Sense/HubSpot integration provides all of the data pertaining to your email campaigns’ activity levels for each lead on your HubSpot CRM lead feed. This information can be used by marketing teams to create workflows that send emails at the most optimal time to each one of the leads in a specific list, or by sales teams to make decisions on how and when to contact leads depending on their engagement level and their most likely time to engage.

Seventh Sense has conducted a case study that showcases the correlation between email engagement and phone availability. This information can be used by your sales team to decide the optimal time to email someone and when to engage through chat or phone call.

seventh sense

What Services Can Agencies Provide Related to This Integration?

  • Send Time Optimization (STO) for all marketing emails that are sent manually at a specific time
  • Advanced email marketing (with STO)
  • Sales engagement training and information about when and how to engage with leads
  • Email conversion optimization
  • Email database fatigue analysis
  • List segmentation by engagement and fatigue (engage with your best leads and get better results)
  • Database cleanup and deliverability optimization.

How Does Seventh Sense Provide Value For Customers?

Customers using Seventh Sense will see an increase in overall open rates and click-through-rates on their email efforts. By sending emails at the right time,  engagement will increase . By segmenting your database you can send the most relevant information to your lead-base. This will result in an increase in your domain reputation, and a more likely chance of your emails being delivered to your recipients’ inboxes. The more you clean your lists, and the more you connect with your most engaged leads, the better results you will get over time.

PRO TIP: Connect your salespeople’s email addresses to get more information into the mix and therefore, more accurate results.

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How Does Seventh Sense Help Agencies?

By delivering optimized email campaigns and helping your customers nurture their leads in a more personalized way, and clean up their lists, you become a more valuable asset for your customers. Seventh Sense will help you deliver better results over time through more advanced email campaigns resulting in increased ROI.

Using Seventh Sense is a way to provide a more robust email strategy for your clients. You can add an additional layer of personalization by implementing send time optimization. After implementing a send time optimization strategy, you can learn from that data and work towards a database clean up to make sure your clients’ databases are cleansed of any leads who are completely disengaged from your marketing messaging.

Who Are The Clients This Integration Could Help?

This integration can help every single one of your clients create  more effective email campaigns. Additionally, your own agency can improve upon existing efforts and see success. If you are worried about having statistically relevant data, then the larger the database you have, the better. However, we have seen this integration make an impact in databases as small as 1,000 contacts.

How To Sell / Upsell With Seventh Sense.

Seventh Sense can be included as part of your default marketing and sales technology stack. You can also implement Seventh Sense to provide an upgrade for “Advance Email Marketing” where you can charge more for more advanced features. Most customers will choose this option allowing you to obtain larger retainers.

There is a lot more than just pressing send that goes into an effective email marketing and sales strategy. It takes the perfect combination of list segmentation, one off campaigns, automated emails, and more to really see success from email. Even after all of that, you still have to track deliverability and purge your database of unengaged contacts. Communicating the importance of an in depth email strategy to your clients will make it easy to charge for and upsell overtime and you continue to evolve your strategy.


How Long Have We Used The Integration/Our relationship:
We have been using Seventh Sense for 2 years. seventh-sense-platinum badgeWe are Platinum Partners.

Resources Provided By Seventh Sense (Content/Training/Comarketing):
Seventh Sense provides personalized training and setup for your agency and your customers. Easy to use documentation and educational resources will guide you in how to implement the tool, integrate it into HubSpot and your email system, and set up your workflows and email campaigns.

Does Seventh Sense Have a Partner Program?
Yes. With a partner directory.

Main Dashboard to Control Multiple Accounts?
Yes. This new feature allows you to manage all of your accounts in one place with one login.

Does Seventh Sense Integrate With Any Other Integrations (To get even more?)
Yes, they integrate with other marketing and email tools, as well as with Databox for advanced reporting.

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