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    6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating a Video Strategy

    By now, everyone knows that making videos is a great way to engage ...
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    Brand Affinity Marketing: How to use Episodic Video Series

    In a world that is more connected than ever, word-of-mouth has become ...
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    Selling like a Human: Develop Content to Educate and Help, Not Sell

    Think about marketing and sales in a personal life scenario. If you ...
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    HubSpot and Nextiny Marketing: Sarasota Buyer Persona Workshop Recap

    Last week we had the privilege of collaborating with HubSpot’s ...
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    Business Owner Marketing Tips: 5 Things to Stop Spending Money On

    Inbound marketing focuses on creating high quality content which ...
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    Tips for Marketing Managers: 6 Ways to Prove You're Doing a Great Job

    You put an enormous amount of time and effort into your inbound ...
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    Did Google Hummingbird Put an End to Guest Blogging?

    Guest blogging has been losing its legitimacy for some time. While ...
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