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Gabriel Marguglio February 23, 2024 14 min read

30+ No-Code and AI Assisted Tools to Optimize Your Marketing Efforts in 2024

no code ai marketing tools to optimize leadgen and growth

Imagine a world where anyone can build websites, analyze intricate data, manage loads of content, create automations, harness AI, integrate apps to work together, and more.

You don’t have to imagine because "no-code" is revolutionizing marketing technology. Marketing technology that used to require a learning curve to use is now open to every marketer thanks to the tools and software using ‘no-code’ techniques.


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What is "No-Code"?

Though the name is pretty self-explanatory, "No-code" apps and software take the complex and time-consuming learning curve out of marketing technology. They offer an efficient and engaging interface for users with little to no coding experience.

Stuff that used to be difficult like building websites, designing, blogging, creating entire SEO strategies, and analyzing data has become as easy as signing up and connecting your preferred software. Integrate multiple sources of data into one platform for a streamlined and multifaceted view of your marketing efforts.

This rise in "no-code" apps has made it easier than ever for marketers to dip their toes into new areas of marketing. Marketers have never had more power at their fingertips.


How is "No-Code" Used in Martech?

In marketing, "no-code" comes into play in three key marketing functions that many marketers use every day: Websites and Design, Data Analysis, and Automation. Each focus used to involve some of the most complicated aspects of marketing and required extensive technological experience to yield optimal results.

"No-code" marketing technology (martech) broke down the technological barrier and introduced accessible software, apps, and tools in all 3 key marketing focuses. These user-friendly tools allow marketers to approach their marketing efforts with a more holistic perspective and revolutionize their campaigns.

Using "no-code" martech, you and your team can optimize your current and future marketing campaigns by saving time, boosting engagement, consolidating your resources and streamlining your marketing efforts, and enhancing your customer relationships.


3 overlapping patterns of no code tools

The 3 overlapping patterns of "no-code" Tools from Chief Martec



30 Useful "No-Code" Apps for Empowering Marketing Professionals


Design and Content Applications

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to building a website, but "no-code" website-building tools can make the process quick and simple. Building a unique, effective website for you or your customers is easier than ever thanks to the abundance of different website-building tools that don't require a single line of code.

Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly are great options for small businesses or personal websites, whereas HubSpot is the ideal website-building tool for larger marketing efforts. Design and develop landing pages, pillar pages, SEO, blogs, contact pages, and more by simply following HubSpot's step-by-step instructions as you start a new project. Or just get started using the software's intuitive design. 

HubSpot also includes over 1,500 app integrations, that allow you to connect your social media platforms, email services, CMS, and analytics tools to get a holistic view of your business. HubSpot and its arsenal of tools have taken that same "no-code" approach and used it to help you build a strong website, improve your SEO, and take care of behind-the-scenes marketing that makes the website tick.

Here are some of the biggest and most useful apps that use "no-code" to make marketers' lives easier every day.


Canva Graphic Design HubSpot IntegrationCanva: Design and create almost anything with easy-to-use, intuitive tools, or by using their AI tool, Magic Studio. Canva offers thousands of customizable templates to start from, fonts to use, and colors to choose from, and it integrates with many other software including HubSpot, which makes it easy to publish your creations online.

Hubspot all in one marketing HubSpot: HubSpot's content creation AI assistant tools can help you create any kind of marketing content with ease. Using HubSpot's AI Website Generator, and absolutely no coding, you can customize your website's design. With their free AI Content Writer, you can easily create, emails, landing pages, blogs, social media, and so much more. HubSpot doesn't just help you brainstorm and create, it also helps you automate your content marketing and analytics.


Figma Collaborative WebFigma: Figma is a collaborative web application for interface design that connects everyone in the design process so teams can deliver better products, faster. It also includes their optional AI tool, Fig Jam AI.

voiceflow voice assistant builderVoiceflow: Build, optimize, and implement voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with Voiceflow. Its easy-to-use application builder lets you visually build your voice experience with AI.

bubble website hubspot integrationBubble: Build and implement website applications and workflows with Bubble. Bubble lets you create interactive apps and specific AI features for web browsers with no coding needed. Bubble also integrates with HubSpot.

shopify ecommerce hubspot integrationShopify:
 Create your digital storefront with Shopify and its easy-to-use e-commerce platform that you can integrate with hundreds of other apps to build an effective store. Automate your checkout process, carts, stock, and build a highly presentable store page that’s easy to build and easy to use, all with the help of their AI tool, Shopify Magic. Shopify also integrates with HubSpot.


Data Analysis Tools/Content Research

The other side of marketing that has been impacted by "no-code" tools is data analysis, aka figuring out what works, why it works, and, what you should do next. "No-code" tools let you pull data from multiple sources, compare them, analyze them, and even present them in easy-to-read formats like the Databox board below.

With the use of "no-code" tools like HubSpot, Wistia, and Databox, we're able to gather information from customer behavior to find out what's working. For instance, these tools can point out that your last post had higher engagement rates than usual.

They also help you understand why your content is working with filters for different key factors. You can use that insight to understand that your last post has higher engagement rates because it was a video instead of written content.

From there, you can turn insight into action by using video content to build better relationships with your customers and audience and ultimately turn them into leads. Learn more about the use of Databox to build unique reports our customers can’t get anywhere else on this Databox case study.

This is a key part of evidence-based decision-making for marketers who pride themselves on being "data-driven". "No-code" data analytics tools combine all your data streams and help you find gaps in your current strategy or build a whole new strategy tailored to your business.


hubspot all-in-one marketing toolHubSpot: What may be the ultimate "no-code" tool, HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing tool that helps you build and optimize websites, manage contacts, run your blog, and see all the data that makes it tick. HubSpot also includes AI features that can help you generate content. It may sound overwhelming, but the Hubspot Academy provides everything you need to get started and become an expert.

databox analytics hubspot integrationDatabox: Databox is an AI-powered analytics tool. With just a quick drag and drop, pull data from multiple sources into one board to help you compare and contrast data in order to help make the most effective decisions for your business and customers. Learn more about their Databox-Hubspot integration.


conversion rate on a databox board

Databox board showing the impact of video helping leads to close into customers 3X at a higher rate


open-ai generative ai hubspot integrationChatGPT: ChatGPT (an Open AI product) can assist marketers in creating personalized and relevant content, engaging with leads through chatbots or messaging, and providing data-driven insights to optimize their campaigns. With its natural language processing capabilities, ChatGPT can also improve lead nurturing and customer experience, leading to increased conversions and customer loyalty. Integrate ChatGPT into HubSpot by choosing ChatGPT powered by Obo.

screaming frog SEOScreaming Frog: If you’re looking for ways to optimize your website for search, Screaming Frog has got you covered. It crawls your site to help you find where you can improve your technical SEO.

insycle data management hubspot integrationInsycle: Insycle helps with data management, data cleanup, data automation, data preparation, and manipulation and it integrates with tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, Intercom, Mailchimp, and more. Companies focus on data creation/capture and data analysis, but 80% of the time in data management is spent preparing the data for analysis.

Wistia video marketing hubspot integrationWistia: Truly an all-in-one video marketing tool, Wistia helps you with everything and its list of features is seemingly endless. It hosts videos, provides fast analytics, and the ability to have a Wistia Channel with a beautiful design, embedded on your site to provide the best possible viewing experience for your audience. Wisita also offers several AI tools, including Wisita Fetch and AI Chapterting. They do it all for podcasts, also. The Wistia-HubSpot integration allows you to connect your lead generation analytics with your video engagement data to understand the impact of video throughout the buyer's journey.  

CallRail + Phone Tracking HubSpot IntegrationCallRail: From voice calls to tracking to AI analytics, CallRail is an automation tool that helps you track phone call leads from digital and offline sources. Along with managing leads in their Lead Center, CallRail has every tool you need to optimize and automate your marketing via the phone. The CallRail-Hubspot integration helps you understand the original source of leads coming from phone calls. 

sparktoro data researchSparkToro: A tool like SparkToro automates and simplifies finding out what your audience is searching for, where they’re searching, and more so you can find them and reach out with the proper marketing materials. As Rand Fishkin says: "To do great marketing, you need to understand your audience." Learn must-know data that helps you determine how people use the internet, where they go, what they do, and how you can capture them.

SparkToro is a search engine that helps you find and understand a demographic by crawling billions of websites and social accounts, aggregating those into profiles, and giving you the power to search them all.


Nextiny Marketing Databox Gabriel Marguglio


Automation Tools (Logic)

Nothing seems more complex than setting up automated marketing campaigns and internal workflows that move automatically. "No-code" applications have made it easy to build automated marketing and sales actions, all without having to know any code. These apps will help you connect and integrate many different software that you use to help set up a seamless workflow creation process.


seventh-sense email optimization hubspot integrationSeventh Sense: Using machine learning, gen AI, and the data available in Hubspot, Seventh Sense helps optimize email send times, messaging, and format to increase the chances your emails are opened, read, and acted upon. Learn more about send time optimization with HubSpot here.

zapier ai automations hubspot integrationZapier: Work smarter not harder with Zapier's which helps you automate repetitive tasks by using AI-powered automations, connecting your apps, and creating workflows that save time and effort. Zapier removes the need for development with custom integrations between other "no-code" software. Zapier also integrates with HubSpot.

mailchimp email hubspot integrationMailchimp & HubSpot: Send optimized marketing email blasts with the help of tools like Mailchimp and HubSpot. Use Mailchimp's gen AI tools to help you draft pretty and effective emails to send to your leads and customers.

activecampaign marketing automation hubspot integration ActiveCampaign: The email marketing, marketing automation, generative AI, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences. ActiveCampaign is built for each stage of the customer journey so that you can send exactly what your contacts want. ActiveCampaign also integrates with HubSpot.

ifttt workflow integrationIFTTT: Connect your apps, devices, and software together (Internet of Things) to create helpful and time-saving (If this, then that) workflows across them all. IFTT includes AI tools and features.

slack communication hubspot integrationSlack: Communication is how Slack made itself a household name. It's easy to use and has AI tools to help you optimize your communication. Slack lets you connect not only with your team, but your clients, your friends, your peers, and more. Also, it’s able to integrate with many software like Zoom, Google Drive, HubSpot, Microsoft Office, and more.

Monday project management hubspot integrationMonday.com: Keeping multiple projects among multiple team members well organized is no easy feat. So, we turn to apps like Monday to help track progress, assign tasks, keep records, communicate, and more. Monday.com provides everything you need to do exactly that while providing a sleek interface and Monday AI to help increase efficiency. This project management tool also has plenty of automation features that can help you set up alerts, create tasks, assign tasks, track progress, and organize. Monday also integrates with HubSpot.

brightlocal localized SEOBrightLocal: Organizing a company’s citations and links for SEO and Local SEO can be tedious and time-consuming, but nevertheless it’s a crucial step toward optimizing your local search presence. BrightLocal provides the tools you need to simplify this process by collecting a company’s citations and links from across the web in one place.

coda 2Coda: Re-thinking online documents has made Coda a popular choice among writers, marketers, and many others. Coda is essentially a hybrid software that combines the features of collaborative digital documents (like those on Google) with the organization and team/task management of Monday or Airtable. Have all of your information in one place with Coda and finally close the 25 Google Doc tabs! Coda also integrates with HubSpot and has Coda AI.

hypefury tweet schedulerHypefury: Tweet like never before with Hypefury’s tweet scheduler, composer, reporting, sharing, AI assistant, and more. Of course, it also has plenty of automation tools to help you simplify the process.

stripe payments hubspot integrationStripe: For online businesses, providing a secure and easy way to accept payments from customers is a must in order to deliver the best possible experience. Stripe makes that easy. Its suite of payment products helps businesses accept payments, send payouts, and manage their business completely online. Stripe also integrates with many tools like HubSpot and includes AI features.

demand sage data automation hubspot integrationDemand Sage: Automating data from HubSpot is Demand Sage’s bread and butter. They specialize in giving you ways to ‘put your reporting on autopilot’ by letting you custom-build reports from HubSpot data. Demand Sage's AI tools help you generate content and analyze your custom reports. It also has plenty of integrations, such as Google Sheets, to help you organize data even further.

Google Suite hubspot integrationGoogle Tools: From emails to documents to collaboration to scheduling, Google’s suite of tools has everything to create and share without having to touch a line of code. Tools include: Google Docs, Sheets, Drive, Slides, Google Bard, and more. Each tool is able to integrate with HubSpot easily.

tray.io workflow automation hubspot integrationtray.io: Automated workflows is tray.io’s game, allowing you to quickly connect and integrate your software to build streamlined processes with an easy-to-use editor interface. Tray.io integrates with HubSpot and includes Tray Merlin AI.

make automation hubspot integrationMake: Previously known as Integromat, the self-proclaimed “most advanced online automation platform,” Make is an app that helps you automate processes that used to all be done manually. It connects apps, transfers data, and helps you save time by handling long automation processes 24/7. It includes an AI assistant and integrates with AI tools and HubSpot.


aweber email marketingAWeber: A powerful yet simple email marketing tool. AWeber is designed to do 90% of the work for you by automating as many processes as possible. You can write emails faster with AWeber AI Writing Assistant, design them in the designer, send them to your customers or leads, and decipher each email’s successes and failures in order to improve and grow.

Zoom Video Communication HubSpot IntegrationZoom: Setting up meetings, webinars, phone calls, and more has never been easier with Zoom and Zoom Phone. All it takes is the click of a button to start a meeting, send invites, and put together huge conversations. Zoom AI Companion helps you write and manage chat responses, catch up on missed conversations with meeting recaps and summaries, and review recordings with smart chapters. Zoom also integrates with many other communication tools like Hubspot, Monday, and Slack to make it even easier.


Thanks to "no-code" martech anyone can fully utilize cutting-edge marketing technology. "No-code" marketing technology is designed for you and your team to use intuitively and immediately helps you save time on and enhance your current projects. With intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, your team can easily get started with these tools. Their seamless integrations allow you to incorporate new tools into your existing project management systems so you don't skip a beat. In fact, automation tools can help you cut down on time with multifaceted automation templates.

Enhance your customer relationships with instant analytic insights into your audience's behavior. Maximize efficiency with automations that eliminate time-wasting tasks. Create beautiful designs and compelling content that increases your audience engagement in a fraction of the time. With no technological barriers to hold you back, your marketing team can make the most of your websites, blogs, emails, and workflows in no time.


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