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Gabriel Marguglio February 10, 2014 1 min read

5 SEO Tips to Improve Your Local Ranking on Google


1. Claim Your Google Places Account:

Does your company name and city come up in your search? With Google Places your company will display on the first page of the Google Search Results. Add all of your business information to also display on the first page, and don’t forget to link it to your Google+ business page.

2. Use Local Schema to Make Sure Your Address is Always Consistent:

Formatting your business address differently in different places could hurt you. You should have your business address in your footer and it should be written exactly like it is displayed on your contact information page.

3. Content, Content and More Content:

You’re constantly creating content, everyday. Use it! Content marketing is getting those stories to the digital world and working for your SEO. Know your audience, and the audience you want to target. Keyword SEO is dying, and content SEO is what works today. The more unique, fresh, relevant content you create the more legit you look in Google's eyes, therefore, the more ranking you get.

4. Relevant Keywords to Your Website:

Even though the word "keyword" is becoming a "bad word" in the SEO world, continue to use them to keep your content fresh and relevant. Use words that your audiences are using, ask questions that your target customers are asking and respond to them with relevant info.

5. Local Inbound Links:

When your links are local inbound links there’s more of an opportunity to get those locally relevant links from directory listings. Keep your listing up to date on sites like Yelp and Foursquare. Also, if you belong to any local organizations that provides an opportunity to link from their website to yours be sure and take advantage of it!

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