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Kara Gillette November 20, 2019 3 min read

Getting Automated: Email Strategy Insight with Seventh Sense’s Mike Donnelly


There are over 5 billion active email accounts on the web today and that number is only growing. In today’s world, you need an email address to communicate whether it be for business or pleasure. So, naturally, email marketing is just as prevalent as ever and crafting the perfect email marketing strategy is a hugely important factor in maximizing the potential of your email marketing.

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How To Be a Good Email Marketer

In order to become the best email marketer you can be, start by asking yourself a simple question: What are you trying to accomplish?

This goes deeper than “I’m trying to accomplish email marketing.” What’s the goal? Readers, subscribers, to convert leads, close sales, etc.?

You should be changing your strategy based on what your goal is because there is no one email that will cover all of those bases. You need to change who you’re sending to, what you’re sending them (links, videos, etc.) and you’ll likely need to drastically alter the copy of each one.

Now, if you understand your goal you can start to work backward. Backward? That’s right, backward. What does that mean? It means, after you’ve discovered your ultimate goal for the emails, ask what content would drive people toward your goal. Why would they engage with it? It’s time to provide the substance and content that will ultimately guide people toward what you want them to do.

The content you provide, whether it be a video, blog, downloadable, etc. should not only be relevant to the topic and to your brand, but relevant to what your audience is expecting. That means, don’t send emails to people who haven’t signed up for them. This will see you sent to the spam folder time and time again. 



One huge part of email marketing that most people probably don’t pay enough attention to is your deliverability. This takes a lot of things into account such as your engagement rates and your domain’s reputation and authority, all measured by the ESPs (email service providers).

According to Mike Donnelly from Seventh Sense, marketers stopped trying in their emails. This led to lots of spam emails and ESPs noticed; resulting in stronger spam filters and another hurdle to jump through for marketers.

Your deliverability is your ability to get your emails in your subscriber’s inboxes rather than into the spam folder or lost in cyberspace. There are a ton of things you can do to improve deliverability but it tends to come down to whether people are engaging with your emails or not.


How Can Seventh Sense help your emails?

This is where Seventh Sense comes in.

Not only does Seventh Sense integrate directly with HubSpot, but it also provides many tools to help you automate your emails, optimize them, and monitor them to improve their deliverability and engagement. It's an incredible tool to review your email marketing strategy over an extended period and to discover trends over a longer period of time. Using send time optimization, Seventh Sense even knows the optimum time to send emails out to each individual person on your contact list.

This long-term monitoring helps you make meaningful decisions based on a lot of information rather than rash decisions based on what could be short-term flukes or spikes.

This process of fine-tuning your email marketing and monitoring all the important metrics will help improve the overall success of your email campaigns, but it also helps you get into the good graces of ESPs and your audience.

Using Seventh Sense for your email marketing is the best way to optimize your processes and increase your deliverability.

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