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Gabriel Marguglio September 22, 2017 1 min read

How to Use Seventh Sense to Optimize Marketing and Sales Email Efforts [VIDEO]

In this week’s soapbox weekly hack, Gabriel is going to show you a software tool that we use to optimize our email efforts, for marketing and sales purposes. Seventh Sense is an AI software that gathers email data to help you see optimal delivery time of your email recipients. This tool not only collects the standard open and click-through rates, but it also tracks user behavior. With personalized reports on your contacts email activity, you can deliver your messages at a time that best suits them. In addition, Seventh Sense integrates into HubSpot allowing you to utilize all of the HubSpot data tracking information as well.
While it’s amazing to have all of that data working for you, it’s even better when the process can be automated. Seventh Sense allows you to create email marketing workflows in HubSpot that will send emails to a list of contacts at times that are optimal for each individual contact. While marketing email timing is essential, so is sales! We also use this tool to get more sales info about leads in order to know when we should send them a one off email or call them. After all, if they are reading emails they are more than likely available to answer the phone. We are excited to continue exploring all of the opportunities this tool presents to us and sharing our success with you.

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