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Aaron Oberdick May 29, 2020 4 min read

How to Set Up Your Video Studio at Home

setting up your video studio at home

A lot of variables around your home studio space can have an impact on the quality of your audio and video. In this episode of NEXTudio, we’re here to help you build the perfect studio with tips on everything from setting up your space to lighting to framing to...hanging bed sheets on your walls?

Today, we’re discussing some tips and tricks to help you build a professional-quality video studio right in your home!

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Setting Up Your Home Video Studio Space

The first thing you should consider when building your home studio is setting up your space. If you pick a room that’s too big (like a living room) or too small (like a bathroom), your audio will certainly let you know based on the echos and overall quality.

Take into account things like carpet, availability of natural light, furniture, etc. All of these will have an affect on your video and audio. If you can, do some simple testing in each spot to help you find the perfect one.


Perfect Your Lighting

The two types of lighting you’ll run into are natural and controlled.

Natural lights come from your windows and doorways. Controlled light is from professional lighting equipment or any nearby light fixtures around your space.

Now, which should you choose? Ideally, maybe a little of both. Natural light to fill the room and controlled light to fill in any gaps and to complement it. And don’t think you need professional LEDs or anything to provide your controlled light. A simple desk or reading lamp and do the trick as well. 

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Adjusting Your Background and Camera Placement

Next, start thinking about what’s going to be in the background of your videos. Of course, if you want a clean look, you could go with nothing, but you don’t have to. Try to choose items that add to the topic of your video. For example, this video series is about video, so having a camera and editing computer in the background fits. Or, your background could show off a little bit of your personality like your hobbies or posters of what you love.

The key to a good background is to reduce clutter and avoid drawing attention away from yourself. You can have items and posters and other decor, but less is usually more here. Use enough to fill space and make it look good, but not more than you need. 

You can also use your background to help frame your shot. Avoid having items jutting out from your neck or head, for example. They should help you balance a shot, not throw it all out of whack.

Speaking of framing, now is the time to think about where you want to position yourself and your camera. Our advice is about 6 feet between you and the lens, center yourself, and don’t cut off any part of your head or body. Also, remember to relax!


Choosing the Right Camera Equipment

If you’re running on a budget or just want to make quick, easy videos, you can simply use the internal webcam and microphone on your laptop. You won’t get the high-quality footage or audio that you might from using other hardware, but you’ll get exactly what you need: a quick video solution.

Now, if you’re looking to go to the next level of quality, investing in a camera and microphone is the next step. Most cameras will connect to a capture card and your laptop through one of the standard video output signals like HDMI or composite cables so all of your footage is stored on your computer. 


Enhancing Your Audio

For audio, an internal microphone in your laptop or camera won’t typically bring you a sharp sounding video. Instead, simply record with a high-quality mic (sitting just out of frame) while you shoot your video and sync it up with the video once you’re in the editing process.


Using Your...Bed Sheets?

You read that right! Bed sheets are a surprisingly useful tool for home video shooting and will come in handy all over:

  • Provide a Clean and Simple Backdrop: If you have nowhere to film, your last resort could be to hang up that handy bed sheet and use it as a clean backdrop for your video!
  • Cover Windows: If natural light has become your enemy and you need a way to limit it, hanging a bed sheet over your window is the quick answer.
  • Soften Audio: Hanging a sheet over nearby walls can help soften audio and reduce any echo effects from harming the quality of your sound.

Have a cool home video studio? Show it to us! We’d love to see what solutions you came up with while building your home video studio on one of our social media channels!


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