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Aaron Oberdick February 25, 2021

What We’ve Learned From Holding Virtual Events in 2020

Whether you’re a seasoned presenter or someone new to holding events, odds are you’re ...
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Samantha Carey February 24, 2021

Brand Affinity Marketing: The Convergence of Passion, Your Target Audience, and What You Offer

Steve Pockross is the CEO of Verblio, a content creation marketplace that creates ...
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Gabriel Marguglio January 19, 2021

Martech Masters: How to Choose a Software Platform for Growth (HubSpot)

Season 1, Episode 16 of Martech Masters: Samantha has been leading the marketing teams ...
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Gabriel Marguglio January 18, 2021

MarTech Masters: How to Get Your First 100k Visitors On Your Blog (Databox)

Season 1, Episode 14 of Martech Masters: John has been leading the marketing for Databox ...
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Gabriel Marguglio January 1, 2021

7 Ways to Master Keyword Research

Researching and preparation may not be everyone’s favorite part of content creation, but ...
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Gabriel Marguglio October 21, 2020

Change, Innovation, and Diversity: What We Learned From INBOUND 2020

With INBOUND 2020 come and gone, the Nextiny team reflects on a truly unique experience. ...
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Gabriel Marguglio October 9, 2020

The Software Tech Stack of an Episodic Video Podcast Series - Martech Conference 2020 Winners

Behind every great video series is a tech stack that’s full of helpful software. Each one ...
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Aaron Oberdick October 1, 2020

The Best Video Software You Need for Your Home Studio

If you want to start making video but are afraid you don’t have the tools to make ...
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Gabriel Marguglio September 1, 2020

Martech Masters: Being Intentional With Company Culture, Diversity, and Remote Work (HubSpot)

Summary This week, Gabriel talks with Chief People Officer at HubSpot, Katie Burke! In ...
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