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Gabriel Marguglio January 21, 2022 5 min read

Wistia vs Vidyard: Video Hosting and Analytics Comparison


In the world of video marketing technology, with all its options and choices, it can be hard to compare software and decide which one is the best for you. Nextiny CEO Gabriel Marguglio is here to take your hand and guide you through two of the top video hosting platforms available to marketers


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Martech Masters Wistia Video Solutions

Watch our interview with Chris Savage, CEO of Wistia on Martech Masters


The Wistia Vs. Vidyard Showdown

Both have ups, both have downs, but which one is right for you? Let’s go down the list and see how each stacks up in these categories.



When it comes to pricing, which one is best will depend on you and your company. Vidyard offers an unlimited video package with all the SEO and HubSpot essentials for $850. That same package from Wistia will only cost you $400, but also only allows 100 videos and then 25 cents per video after that.

So, if you know for sure you’ll stay under 2000 go with Wistia. If you plan on making an absolute ton of videos: go with Vidyard. 


Winner: DRAW, each provides a different option and which is best depends on what you need, but generally Wistia provides the most flexibility and cost value.

UX/Ease of Use

For simple video and settings editing, the clear winner here is Wistia. Just a quick comparison between both makes it clear that Wistia’s is cleaner, simpler, and easier to use. Vidyard’s menus do the same things but just in a clunkier way.

One thing we appreciate about Wistia is their dedication to improvement and it shows in its stunning menu system.


Winner: WISTIA, the menus are more organized and easier to use.

Educational Resources

Both Vidyard and Wistia provide excellent resources to better learn their tools and software. Each has a wide assortment of blogs and videos that will help you with whatever you need to know.

In addition, Wistia also has lots of content on creativity and improving your business’ branding which is something that becomes a trend, as you’ll see later on.  (link


Winner: DRAW, both provide plenty of resources to help you learn.


Again, both Vidyard and Wistia provide a great selection of features and both have all the essentials that you need. Both have CTAs, Moving Thumbnails, etc.

One great Wistia-specific feature is Wistia Channels which provides a lovely presentation for your videos in a Netflix-style setting that encourages binge-watching. Vidyard’s answer to this, Video Hubs, does something similar but doesn’t quite reach the sleekness of Wistia Channels.


coffee talks wistia channel example

Wistia Channels are a great way to display your videos on your site


On the flipside, Vidyard’s buttons are a highly flexible feature that really unlocks more creative potential in videos and allows you to do so many things including choose your own adventure type of stories.


Winner: DRAW, both provide great, unique features.


While both will get you the numbers that you need to analyze a video’s performance, Wistia takes the edge here based on their sleek presentation and easy-to-read graphs and charts. Also, as an added bonus, Wistia integrates directly with Databox for an even more pleasant presentation.

databox board example

Databox boards (seen above) display data in easy-to-read charts


Again, Vidyard will get you these same numbers so if you don’t mind a clunkier display, it will get the job done. But, for us, Wistia takes this one.


Winner: WISTIA, for the presentation, Databox integration, and ease of use.

HubSpot Integration

Ultimately, we make videos because we want to create leads and drive business. So, a HubSpot integration makes a lot of sense and Vidyard is the only one of these two with native integration with HubSpot. If that’s what you’re looking for, then the only answer is Vidyard.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story. Though Wistia doesn’t have that coveted HubSpot native integration, you can still use them together and Wistia is great at pulling data and other similar insights that you’d need. Paired with Wistia’s superior data presentation (and Databox integration) this can lead to an easier data analysis.


Winner: VIDYARD, its native integration means it gets this win but Wistia is just as viable.

A/B Testing

While both offer an A/B testing feature, Vidyard only allows you to change up the thumbnail while Wistia lets you change and test whatever you want.


Winner: WISTIA, the ability to test many different parts of your video wins out.


Just a glimpse at each of their websites and you can see where each of their focuses lie. Vidyard is more focused on business and sales, while Wistia works better for creativity and implementing custom branding on your videos. 


Winner: DRAW, Both have different focuses and which is better depends on you.

Video SEO

Both have great SEO tools that will help get your videos on Google and help lift the pages they live on as well.

Wistia just takes the edge for the speed of its video player which might just be the fastest on the market and that’s crucial for SEO. Also, Wistia Channels come pre-optimized for SEO which can also help them get higher up on Google.


Winner: WISTIA, for the video player.

Chrome Extension

Both have a tool to help you create quick videos on your computer. Vidyard’s GoVideo is a very simple way to record and send videos, but Wistia’s Soapbox tool takes it to another level by introducing more editing ability. Some may prefer the simplicity of GoVideo and some may prefer the added control of Soapbox. Both get the job done and it really comes down to preference.


Winner: DRAW, both do what you need.

When choosing which software is best for you, it’s always important to consider everything described above to narrow it down and truly define your needs. But, it’s also important to remember that when you work with software you also work with the team behind it. People are and will always be what makes things work. We can vouch for Wistia and the team they’ve put together. We love working with them and are excited to continue to do so.

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