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Gabriel Marguglio July 30, 2020 4 min read

Martech Masters: Remote Video Solutions and Insights (Wistia)

chris savage martech masters wistia

This week, Gabriel chats with Wistia's co-founder and CEO, Chris Savage, about remote video solutions and how to make videos in today's world.


Listen to the Podcast version of this episode:

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  1. What Is Wistia? (1:11)
  2. Using Video In Today's World (2:31)
  3. What is Soapbox (3:13)
  4. Production Quality Expectations in Today's World (5:11)
  5. Tools for Creating Videos (6:30)
  6. Using Videos in Sales (8:12)
  7. Brand Affinity Marketing These Days (10:15)
  8. Adapting Your Episodic Content (12:38)
  9. The Value of Production Quality (15:04)
  10. How Wistia is Helping (17:51)


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Video Marketing Guide

What Is Wistia?

Founded in 2006 by Chris and his partner, Brendan Schwartz, Wistia has been making tools for marketers to help them better understand video, learn about measuring performance, integrate video into their tech stack, and overall just make better content. 

Through the power of their video publishing software and incredible tools like Soapbox and Wistia Channels, Wistia looks to give people the tools and knowledge they need to analyze and improve their content, connect with each other, and build truly meaningful relationships with their customers, especially now when we’re forced to remain so far apart.


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Now Is the Time to Start Using Video

With the current events across the world, most of us are forced to stay home and many are lucky enough to be able to continue working from there, but that leaves video in what seems like a grey area. How can you make video content when you don’t have access to studios, professional equipment, or the ability to collaborate with your team?

It’s true that you won’t be able to produce any big-budget videos in the near future, but you don’t need the highest-end production value to produce high-quality video content. Using the tools at your disposal—such as your webcam and Soapbox by Wistia (which we’ll get to later)—you can make impactful videos right now.

In a way, today’s circumstances have actually created a unique opportunity for people who have never touched video to get in and hit the ground running because everyone is currently playing with the same rules. Nobody has access to the tools they usually use. If you’re worried that videos recorded on your phone won’t be good enough, remember that Jimmy Fallon is recording interviews with his iPhone for The Tonight Show. Nervous about your slightly grainy webcam footage? Don’t be, the NFL Draft and American Idol are both being done with webcams and the quality of the content is just as high, even if the production value is lower.

People are realizing that lower quality footage doesn’t have to mean lower quality content and you don’t have to set off and try to create a sprawling episodic series or anything huge. Video’s ability to create a connection between people is something that we all need right now and it can be harnessed in smaller ways like simply sending video messages or tutorials to coworkers and clients via email.


How Can Soapbox Help People Make Videos at Home?

If you’re looking for a quick at-home video solution then there’s no better option than Soapbox by Wistia. Soapbox is a Google Chrome extension that lets you create professional-looking videos using your webcam and it’s loaded with the features you need to make great video content:


Quickly switch between screen sharing and webcam: Soapbox lets you switch back and forth between showing your screen and your webcam with the push of a button. This is a great tool to showcase images, slideshows, other videos, and more during your video to add value and break up the long shots of you sitting at your desk.

Easy Editing: After you’re finished filming, Soapbox lets you quickly and easily trim your videos.


Soapbox is the perfect option for those without great amounts of knowledge or equipment and gives you the power to create valuable content for people to consume as their leisure. Touch base with clients or coworkers, leave a “video voicemail”, easily create a personalized message for anyone, create information videos for customer service, and much more.


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Brand Affinity Marketing During a Crisis

Brand Affinity Marketing is about a brand focusing on building a strong connection with their audience by creating valuable and entertaining content that encourages people to spend time with you. This could be through videos, blogs, events, podcasts, and much more, but the key to building affinity is creating content that is binge-worthy.

Now, though, it’s very important to realize that you don’t have to stop creating content, but you do need to take a long look at your messaging and tone and make sure you’re not engaging in conversations where your company doesn’t belong. 

There’s still a place for brands to continue to create their own content, though. People are consuming more content and now more than ever, people want to be entertained, educated, and distracted. It’s just a matter of re-evaluating your tone, understanding the context of the world, and adding to conversations that you are an expert in and can add value to.

We’ll use Wistia as a prime example of this. Rather than shutting down shop, they started The Wistia Creative Alliance to produce great content, help affected people, and bring value to their audience. 


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If you’re someone working in an essential field and you need video to continue to serve the public good but need help with video hosting costs, Wistia wants to give you free Wistia access. Contact Wistia support today if this applies to you.

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