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Gabriel Marguglio May 31, 2019 3 min read

Tracking Phone Calls in the HubSpot Platform


With the help of HubSpot integrations like CallRail, AirCall, and Insycle tracking your sales calls, organizing contacts, and creating leads from phone calls has never been easier or more efficient.

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Tracking Calls With CallRail

phone call tracking software callrail logo

HubSpot tracks leads who fill out forms or identify themselves through a chat conversation on the website and then stores those leads in your system. But what happens if somebody calls immediately before filling out any forms? That’s when HubSpot can rely  on one of its good friends: CallRail.

CallRail is fully integrated into HubSpot and helps it keep track of leads who decide to directly call first.

reporting and tracking phone calls with callrail software

It does this by providing a pool of unique phone numbers, presenting a different one to different customers, this way when somebody calls it can track which visitor called and connect the dots between HubSpot’s visitor history and the caller. It then creates a lead in HubSpot for that person and keeps a record of the original source and the phone call for good measure.

Without CallRail, these calls wouldn’t be tracked in HubSpot and it’d be a guessing game as to which visitor was the one who called. We would also lose the ability to measure success on these leads and where they came from.

The only downside comes from when people use different phone numbers which can cause duplicate contacts to be created. This clogs up the system. But, luckily, there’s another HubSpot integration out there that helps with this...


Managing Contacts With Insycle

managing phone call contacts software insycle

Insycle is the superhero software that swoops in and helps you organize your contacts and merge duplicate contact records into one record. With any software integration that generates leads and creates records in your database, Insycle will help you clean up the duplicate records in a safe and efficient way.

managing your phone call tracking contacts with insycle

The first step to merging duplicates is to define which contact is the master. You can set rules that help you define how you want contacts to be merged and that help you define which contact you want as the master while merging all of the missing data from the other contact record into that master record. You won’t lose any data, but you will be able to manually keep the properties you want from each record. This way you can manage and maintain contacts in your database which helps with better segmentation and reporting.


Taking Phone Calls With AirCall

aircall phone call software logo

AirCall is a phone system that fully integrates into HubSpot. It helps your sales team by organizing their sales calls, keeping records on each call in HubSpot, tag the calls for further reporting and segmentation, and connecting those calls to the lead who was contacted.

The HubSpot integration also means that when you receive a phone call from a lead, the app can connect the dots and bring you directly to that contact on HubSpot where you can access all the information you need on the history of that contact.

Receiving and making phone calls using Aircall software

Being cloud-based is one of its finest features, as well. You can use AirCall from your laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet without missing a beat. You can even use Aircall directly from the HubSpot CRM contact feed, making it very easy to make and track calls directly from the tool. This means you can take and make sales calls from anywhere.

Using these three HubSpot integrations will elevate your call tracking in every way from organizing and maintaining your database, creating leads, and tracking your sales calls. This means better data to measure success on your inbound marketing and sales efforts, which turns into more success over time. Catch up on all episodes of Coffee Talks and watch episode 9 now.Inbound Marketing & Sales Video