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Aaron Oberdick February 21, 2019 3 min read

Wistia Channels: Create and Embed Video Galleries on Your Website in Seconds


You’ve probably heard by now but if you haven’t, video is becoming increasingly important in the marketing world. We at Nextiny have been scheduling, shooting, and creating finalized videos for our clients more than we ever have before. 2019 will be a massive year for video marketing and content creation but it doesn't end once the video is finished with editing. Where does that video go to be seen? Maybe to a website page, on a video sharing site, possibly even to social media. For a single entity video, that’s fine but what about multiple videos relating to one subject? We have often found that most sites hosting multiple videos just seem messy. There are a few different ways you can organize your video content on your website to try to achieve a cohesive feel, but most of them fall short of creating an immersive experience. Different features on websites do a decent job organizing videos but it is rarely cohesive and we usually don’t feel immersed within the experience. So how do we solve this problem?



Introducing Wistia Channels

Wistia Channels can take your video gallery and transform it into an incredible viewing experience. When you create your Channel, you control what videos will be seen by the viewer. Have multiple videos that pertain to each other? Channels can display your videos in a “Netflix-like” cinema experience right from within your website, and will seamlessly play them. It’s a beautiful layout and can also be customized to fit your branding.

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So how does Wistia Channels work exactly? It’s as simple as embedding it into your site with one embed code. No need for stress or advanced coding experience, you can immediately convert a Wistia Project into a channel and share it on your website. For embedding options, you can either do an inline embed which will have your audience see your entire channel in line with the rest of your content, or as a popover where a single full screen click will give the audience the full experience.

Creating a Wistia Video Channel

We at Nextiny have had the privilege to give Wistia’s Channels feature a test-run and we have noticed a number of things that will benefit both us, our clients, and other savvy marketers. Have we mentioned the experience is immersive? It’s hard to describe Channels any other way as it truly is an experience that will keep you engaged from beginning to end. The best part? You don’t have to click to watch the next video - Channels will autoplay your next video giving the user a seamless experience. This in turn will give the viewer a more engaged experience and will keep them on the website longer, helping increase your onsite performance. Speaking of SEO, Channels is also optimized for search to ensure the videos will attract new viewers. Your videos will send new traffic by ranking for relevant Google searches.

Check out the episode of Coffee Talks on Wistia Channels for an in-depth look at the feature:

Check out all the episodes of our inbound marketing video series, Coffee Talks

Channels is also fully customizable which is incredibly important to branding. You can add a banner image or a video header, select a specific color for our thumbnails, add project titles and descriptions, and customize the font to match our scheme. Once the Channel is branded to your liking, you can embed the Channel to our website and not worry about it being out of sync with everything else.

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Of course, this is only skimming the surface of Wistia Channels but we are incredibly excited to be using the new feature and have already integrated it within our video gallery. Be sure to head over to Wistia and try out Channels today!