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Gabriel Marguglio July 14, 2015 1 min read

How Inbound Marketing Can Help You Upsell Current Clients

Many people may assume that marketing through traditional mass media is the best way to get a message to your target audience. Perhaps it used to be, but these days a more efficient approach is inbound marketing. Through these techniques you can up sell existing clients.

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Why Inbound Works

Inbound marketing can be your most effective form of promoting your business since customers come to you instead of you chasing them through expensive media channels. It beats all other forms of marketing for these reasons:

• Inbound is cheaper and easier to attract people
• Your content goes to work for you
• Traditional marketing by comparison can be distracting

Inbound techniques such as a well crafted blog can generate huge traffic and sustainable income.

SEO and Content

Using search engine optimization techniques can go a long way for your blog and overall website. Just make sure that your blog is informative, comprehensive and attracts links from credible relevant sources. By interviewing experts and inviting guest bloggers you can use cross-promotion to maximize the effects of your hard work in creating content. Search engines treat authoritative blogs as high priority in search rankings. 

Upselling Techniques

• Make product suggestions that compliment items in a customer shopping cart
• Use email marketing to target customers based on prior purchases
• Create social communities that allow brand ambassadors to spread the word
• Turn existing customers into brand ambassadors
• Let your most loyal customers know they're special with exclusive offers

Maximize Product Pages

While product pages should be eye-catching and to the point, it doesn't hurt to add links to relevant products that may provide higher quality but cost a little more. You can even offer discounts on premium items or services.

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