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Soapbox Weekly Hacks: Enrolling a Contact in a Sales Sequence in HubSpot Sales

Published on Aug 25, 2017 3:27:00 PM by Nick Mace

We have talked previously about setting up sales sequences in HubSpot Sales in order to automate follow-ups and task reminders in the prospecting process for your contacts. By automating this process, you allow yourself, as a salesperson, to focus on the contacts that are actually engaging with you. In case you missed the explanation on how to create a sequence from scratch you can view that here.

How will a sales sequence help us if we do not actually enroll the contact in a sequence that works for us?
There are two ways to enroll a contact in your sales sequence:
1.  Inside of their Contact page in HubSpot Sales
2. Within an email (Gmail or Outlook)
Through this enrollment process, you can customize the contact's experience by setting up which stage the sequence will begin for that particular person, which dates they will receive communication before you receive task reminders, and at what specific time.
In this week's Soapbox Hack, learn how to enroll a contact in a Sales Sequence in HubSpot Sales and then customize the sequence based on your desired timeline and relationship with the contact.
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