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Gabriel Marguglio September 17, 2019 1 min read

Boosting Your Video Strategy With Written Content Workshop — Sarasota HubSpot User Group

HUG - Alexa Baray-1

So, you've created a few videos and are wondering what to do from here. Learn how to boost those videos with effective written content at our FREE workshop on October 2nd with special guest Alexa Baray from Verblio!

Come on down to Sarasota and learn the types of content you need to help your videos reach their full potential. In fact, we're so excited about content, and how it can complement your personalized video content, we brought in a ringer: Alexa Baray from Verblio!

Find out from Alexa how to structure your video marketing strategy using the proven foundation of written content. From expanding on the most engaging bullet points to honing a concise style that easily translates to video, we'll break down what makes good content and show you how it can be applied to a range of video styles.

Register now and learn the importance of video, its role in the future of marketing, and how you can start using it today to grow your business.

The workshop will begin with a presentation Verblio's Alexa Baray and is followed by a panel of our marketing experts who will answer all the questions you may have.


The fun starts at noon on Wednesday, October 2nd with lunch and introductions followed by the workshop. So, come on down, grab some free food, and settle in as together we learn how to boost videos with written content.

Register today!

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