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Kara Inglis April 19, 2019 2 min read

How Much Time to Invest in Organic Social Media Efforts

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Though we don’t focus a lot of time on organic social media efforts, it can be a very useful tool for businesses to communicate directly with potential customers.

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Why Organic Social Media is Not Our Focus

It’s not that we don’t love social media, we do. It’s just that in order to accomplish what we hope for our partnerships, we must focus on things such as:

  1. Websites that offer an ideal experience for our client’s audiences
  2. Content creation that attracts the right visitors
  3. On site lead generation
  4. Email campaigns to nurture leads into becoming paying customers
  5. Paid ads to bring high intent visitors to their websites

Some of these, like paid ads, are very social media oriented, just not organic. While we do social promotions for blog posts and videos, we encourage our partners to take hold of their organic social media on their own. This way they can provide a truly personal touch, an organic voice, and make it their own. Nobody knows a business like the people working in it.

Since we are an inbound agency, our focus mostly lies in SEO by the way of content through blogs, videos, and websites. We mostly use social media in our efforts to promote that content.

Though we don’t focus heavily on it, we also don’t have a strict “NO SOCIAL” policy. We think of ourselves as data-driven marketers and, if the data says social media is driving traffic and creating leads (that eventually turn into customers) and that’s where your audience is, then there’s no reason to ignore it and we’ll pivot in that direction.


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Take It Into Your Own Hands

There are many benefits to taking your social media presence into your own hands. One of the biggest is being able to keep your organic social presence organic. Nobody knows your business like you do, so having an in-house person handling your social media presence helps maintain that you’re giving the same information through each conversation and that your responses are genuinely informative, timely, and always on brand.

In that same vein, in-house social media makes sure that all information is correct and that each person gets an expert answer from somebody in the industry. Your social channels are great places to inform customers and move them through the buyer’s journey by Attracting and Engaging. You can answer their questions, have conversations, and improve your company’s standing just by posting every day. That’s why it’s important to have somebody who knows your business in and out, so they can become the unified voice of it and keep it consistent over each platform.

Not every business will have a strong social presence because sometimes it’s just not where your audience is. But the benefits of staying active and open on your accounts generally outweigh the costs of running them, which is nothing. Social media is a great way to get your company out there and become much more approachable and inviting, if you use it right.

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