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Megan Sullivan January 10, 2018 2 min read

Why Inbound Marketing and Growth-Driven Design?


A mix of inbound marketing and growth driven design (GDD) has proven to be a recipe for successful web development. Inbound marketing consists of all the elements it takes to attract followers to your website while GDD deals with the mechanics that make a loyal audience possible. Here are the main factors that make inbound marketing and GDD a strong strategy for your website to attract your ideal customers. 

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Practical Design

The look of a site is nowhere near as important as the content or functionality, although it is still important that the website looks professional. Usually a simple design with easy navigation and clear communication are the building blocks to a winning website. Make sure it loads quickly and isn't slowed down with cumbersome technology.

Mobile-Friendly Website Layout

In the age of mobile gadget popularity, it's become essential to use a cross-platform design strategy that works will all devices, operating systems and browsers. Since mobile users are the most ready-to-buy, they must be taken seriously. Many mobile users will quickly exit a site once they learn it was not designed with them in mind. Text must be easy to read and links must be spread apart.

Clear Message

The content that welcomes new visitors to your site must be clear in directing people toward the content they are searching for. Visitors should quickly become aware of your value proposition, your solution to customer pain points and a clear path for finding deeper content.

Proper CTA Placement

Your site should contain calls-to-action (CTA) statements that guide visitors through your sales funnel. Sometimes the best CTAs are graphics that capture the user's attention. Your choice of CTAs needs to be consistent with your site's theme and the audience's expectations.

Audience Analysis

A major part of growth driven design is market analysis. The statistics you collect on users should be studied thoroughly to get a firm understanding on what people like and dislike about your website. The use of Heat Mapping software like Hotjar has become important so that you can analyze visitor actions from start to finish.

User Experience

Overall, the key concept that connects inbound marketing with growth driven design is improved user experience. The more you can make your site a memorable experience worth revisiting, the more successful your site will be. Be sure to test all your pages from time to time to make sure the links work and the content is compelling and up-to-date.

Growth Driven Design v Traditional

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