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Soapbox Weekly Hacks: Understanding Wistia Data

Published on Sep 1, 2017 12:58:29 PM by Megan Sullivan

Wistia is a powerful video hosting tool for many reasons (learn more about that here), but one thing that sets it apart from other hosting platforms is the data that Wistia collects and provides users. You can see who watched your video, how long they watched it, what parts they rewatched, where and when they clicked, and so much more. This collection of data is a game changer for video. It’s no longer a guessing game how enticing your thumbnail is or how many people are actually clicking on your call to actions. When you are only using Wistia as a hosting service and aren’t using the tool to track, analyze, and improve, you are sitting on a treasure trove of video marketing gold. But have no fear, here’s how we make sense of all the data that Wistia collects and use it to improve our video content:

Wistia video thumbnail - Soapbox Hack: Understanding Wistia Data

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Learn more about how to use Soapbox for video marketing, sales and service.

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Some important terms to know when anaylzing video data: 

1. Average Engagement

Average engagement is the ammount of video your viewers are watching. In the video above, on average, the 88 total viewers watched 68% of the video. 

Some tips on how to increase Average Engagement: 

- Get more creative with the presentation of your content

- Add visual elements to your video (text/ animation/ images) 


2. Total Plays

The number of people who have played your video. 

Some tips on how to increase Total Plays: 

- Distribution: Where else can I share this video?

- Send your video in an Email

- Promote your video on social 


3. Play Rate

This number denotes the percentage of people who see your video compared to actual video plays. 

Some tips on how to increase Play Rate: 

- Choose a new thumbnail! 

- Use faces and movement to intice viewers to watch 

4. Actions

Here's where Wistia records the number of people who click on your Actions (turnstiles, annotations, or call to actions). 

Some tips on how to increase Actions: 

- Evauluate how relevant your action is for your viewer 

- Is your action appropriately placed in the video? Should it come sooner? Later?


Learn more about how to use Soapbox for video marketing, sales and customer service.

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